Another year passes by and it is now exactly 4 years since I left hospital.

The good news is that I have made more progress over the past year and can now walk short distances albeit with the aid of a rollator. My jaw and eating is still a problem but next year I plan to get more teeth in my mouth, courtesy of a plate which should help. Interestingly dental hygiene in hospital was virtually non existent and with so much else going on in the body is an area which I suppose is often overlooked, resulting in a few tooth extractions since I left hospital.

The bad news is that my husband broke his foot (Jones fracture) 6 weeks ago which has made me more active about the house which most probably is a good thing. 

So many people have responded to this blog that I am sorry to say I have been slow in sending out replies. One aspect of GBS frequently asked is my memory of the early days in intensive care. Well, I have very little memory apart from the hallucinations which are still with me after 4 years.

I am glad that I have been of some help with this blog  by recounting my experiences and wish all my readers a very happy Christmas and healthy New Year.