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Time for another blog after 2 years on from the start of GBS.

Everyone says I have made a miraculous recovery, but I knew I would as my eldest son told me this after GBS was confirmed. He read all he could on the subject on the internet and assured me I would get well in 6 weeks, and I believed him!

As time went on I realised it would take a lot longer and when I left rehab after 6 months, I could just about walk with a zimmerframe, turn the page of a book with difficulty and feed myself with a spoon.
Once at home with my ever patient husband, I think things got easier in leaps and bounds- even in a new house!

When the sun came out last June it seemed to me that it was time to improve even more and become more interested in everyday living and organising the home to my fancy (I think most wives organise the home!)

So where are we now?

We celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary with friends and family last month and yesterday evening spent drinking champagne with strawberries and cream on a warm Summers evening on board a Silhouette yacht just bought by my husband and a neighbour. we watched all the activity on the river including the ferries coming in and out and then had fish and chips in our garden round our new table, the garden lights coming on at dusk.

Today we are discussing the purchase of a water feature. Last month we spent a few days in our new caravan in France (in the rain)! I am glad I didn’t pay any attention to the advice I received when I was ill to sell the caravan as everyone thought I would never be able to enjoy it again.

Of course I know I am lucky that I am so well and can lead an almost normal life but I can also complain that I still cannot walk very far- eating is still very difficult as my teeth do not meet together so chewing food is impossibe. Its tough that two of my favourite foods are meat and nuts!. I am wondering if this problem is not GBS related at all and could have been caused by the ventilator tubes?

My hands feel like sandpaper and do not always function as required- my grip is not strong and my hands are “trembly”. I still have problems dressing myself.
But I cannot complain too much as I have made such a wonderful recovery from such a terrifying ordeal.

My thanks to everyone who has followed this blog.



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