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It is now three years since I came out of hospital after a six month stay to a new house and on the way to getting better.
I was using a walking frame, could hardly feed myself or wash and dress. It was great being home, albeit to a new strange environment and quite soon I was able to walk unaided in the house. However I have not made a full recovery and still suffer fron the following affects:

-My feet still feel uncomfortable and quite often my legs don’t work that well. I need a wheelchair for any distance outside and don’t feel safe anywhere on my own.

-My hands are not as strong as before meaning that writing and typing are difficult and opening tins and squeezing bottles a non starter. I get quite a lot of cramp all over my body.

-The most affected part is around my mouth and jaw which affects my ability to eat. I can now only cope with soft or very crisp food although chocolate is still my favorite!

Though my speech (I am told) is normal, I do not find talking in a natural fashion easy, as I have to annunciate my words very carefully. Luckily or unluckily that does not stop me talking!

I get tired very quickly and have to sit down after not very much activity or just standing. However I really can’t complain as life is pretty normal and though I am excused most duties in the home, I do do a bit of cooking and love making greeting cards. I can go out and meet friends, take caravan holidays and go cruising.

I am lucky to have a wonderful husband who is always ready to listen to my memories of hospital and the hallucinations and is sometimes able to say that I did not imagine certain things.

I hope my blogs have been of help and have shown that there is hope even though the whole experience of GBS is so awful and indeed frightening at the time. I find the memories are never far from my thoughts especially on sleepless nights!

A happy Christmas and healthy New Year to all my readers.



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