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What have I been doing since I last did a blog over three months ago?  Well I have been on a three-month rehab (as M says) round the world cruise.  We left Southampton in early January and sailed to the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal, on to New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore Mumbai through the Suez Canal, Athens, Rome and home.

I tried to do more exercise by walking  the deck when the ship was not pitching and certainly feel better and ready to get on with my life – doing more cooking and housework [!].  During the cruise I obviously spoke to people and explained what is wrong with me and not surprisingly very few people had heard of GBS except those who worked in Medicine.  However I met one lady whose uncle had contracted GBS in his eighties and made an excellent recovery, only to climb a ladder to clean gutters and had fallen off the ladder but had recovered pretty well from that. Also another lady whose cousin was still paralysed after five years – how lucky am I.

I still have a big problem with eating as my jaws are not in alignment and therefore I cannot chew properly meaning that I have to more or less suck my food. Unfortunately that does not seem to be getting any better. Its all, I am told by the medics, to do with proprioception in  relation to the mandible and masticatory muscles. Apparently this “phantom bite” scenario is extremely rare in cases of GBS and it would be encouraging if there is anyone out there doing any research on this.

Having said this  I tried acupuncture during the cruise but am not too sure that it made much difference except that my jaw became a little less stiff. I will probably try it again.  My hands are still a bit stiff and they feel as if they are covered in oil and sand.  Walking far is still a problem but then it was before GBS,  so I use a wheelchair.   I would certainly recommend a cruise as an ideal rehab holiday. The crew on the ship we were on were so helpful especially the waiters who tried to see that I had a suitable diet (!) even cutting up my meat if I chose that from the menu. Unfortunately  I invariably left most of my food (being very slow to eat I tend to stop eating when other people have finished) but I was always asked  if I wanted anything else.  I was nervous at the start of the cruise as my eating can be a problem and eating with strangers might have been embarrassing as you quite often have different people on the table but it was OK.  Thank you fellow cruisers!

I hope we have warm summer as the heat was certainly of benefit and thank you all for reading this blog.



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