The story begins around the 14th of June when Jennie (71) complained of a cold  and cough which very quickly became cured thanks to her immune system..

However  it would appear that the antibodies in her immune system didn’t stop fighting that infection.

On the 19th June she was complaining of ‘tingly’ fingers.

On Monday morning 22nd June she woke with a left arm which ‘wouldn’t work’ and after phoning NHS Direct it was suggested that Jennie should go to the local Hospital. There they
diagnosed a possible stroke.

Blood tests, 2 ECG’s and an MRI scan of her Brain showed she was OK in this department and had not had a stroke.

By Tuesday evening she was having difficulty in breathing and at midnight they called an ambulance to take her to the General Hospital where she was admitted to the Neurology High Dependency Unit.  Wednesday morning she was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome.

By the afternoon she was more or less paralysed, couldn’t swallow, breathe and was on a ventilator.

GBS ( is a condition where the antibodies in the immune system forget to switch off after curing an infection and start to attack the nervous system of the body with a vengeance. This is a nightmare, nasty condition that is thankfully very rare.

There are many books and forums out there that tell the story of GBS experiences.  This is a blog that tells our story, of our wife, mother and grandmother Getting Better Slowly.