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I think it is about time I did another blog.
I am not sure if it is the sunny weather but suddenly after 10 months with GBS I am feeling so much more active and wanting to do things. That is not to say I am back to normal: my hands make typing difficult and eating awkward and swallowing unhelpful. Walking is still a bit wobbly and I would not go out alone without a stick.
I can’t stop going over everything from the morning I walked out of the house with a paralysed arm until I entered a new house nearly six months later. The horrendous nightmares, the trying to work out what was real and what was imaginery, what was actually said and what was in my head. Iam sure that someone said I was not in pain (true at the time) and that I did not need medication or did I just say that to myself and could not tell the doctors as I was ventilated?
I can still vividly remember serpents coming out of the light fittings in the Intensive Care Unit ward and screaming to the nurse (this of course was in my imagination I suppose!). In the Neurological Ward I could see faces everywhere.
I am so glad that all that has stopped now.
I am still uncertain as to whether my Bulabar Palsy will recover and I would love to hear from anyone who has suffered from this condition. I thank God that I have come through this in spite of the diffficult prognosis given by the Doctors when I was first diagnosed with GBS having been told it was a stroke/ stress/ trauma when I first went to the local hospital before being transferred to the ICU in our main town. I also thank my husband for standing by me and visiting me every day and continuing to care for me at home. It is wonderful to be able to lead a near normal life with his special care of me.



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