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On a recent visit to New England, I attended a mass at St Christopher’s Church York.
This is a lovely modern Church with some stunning stain glass windows, a one lady choir with the voice of an angel and a charismatic pastor, the Rev John Skehan.

The service brought home to me the seriousness of my illness and unknown to me my sons organising the last rites in the early days of my paralysis. This must have influenced my mind to adopt Rev John’s slogan of ‘let go, and let God surprise you’.
I certainly let go, I couldn’t do anything else given the state I was in and the activeness of my mind.

And God did surprise me by the restoration of my health to near normality.

It’s interesting to read of other fellow sufferers experiences and still feel lucky that I had minimal pain as a result, I suspect, of excellent nursing, although I am unable to stop my mind going over the experience I had especially the hallucinations. Luckily my husband does’nt mind hearing the same story over and over again!

Almost three years on from the outset of GBS and I am able to dress and undress myself, if a little awkwardly with the need of a low armless chair.
I am able to travel and am extremely grateful for the assistance shown towards disabled passengers on all the forms of transport I use. So fellow sufferers and friends, remember that this is truly a God Blest Syndrome. at least it was for me.



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