it is now five years since I contracted GBS and I have discovered I can now tie my shoelaces!

I am sorry that I have not answered some of the incoming comments on this blog. I really mean to but still find it difficult to follow up my best intentions. If I do not do things first thing in the morning my energy wains and memory dims. There is so much I would like to write, but when pen hits paper I forget the thoughts  I had.

I am wondering now, if I had done my speech exercises with more vigour, would I still have had the eating difficulties I now have and which seem to be getting worse. I was peg fed intravenously nil by mouth for five months and as a result it would seem that my jaw/ ability to chew is unable to function as it once did, which is very annoying.

As a result it is nice to report that GBS has made me lose some weight!