Life is almost back to normal, and whilst I am about 95% better than this time 2 years ago, when I still had to be hoisted in and out of bed and was intravenously fed, my sleep is now interrupted with pain in my legs which disappear when I get out of bed. However during the day I experience spasms and cramp in various parts of my body but thankfully no tingly fingers which was the main symptom of the onset of GBS.

I also wake up with a tongue that seems far too big for my mouth! but It does get a little better during the day.

At the moment I am making Christmas cards ( a hobby I love), but cannot do it for too long as my hands get cramped and feel like cotton wool. Even though it is a sedentary occupation I feel very tired after 2 or 3 hours.

I still have to use a wheelchair if we are going any distance, though I offer to push myself uphill when the going gets tough for mbm! I need something to lean on when walking and am terrified of steps when there is no guardrail..

Every day I count myself very lucky that I have survived GBS so well and even now there are some small improvements after over 2 years.

I think that’s all for now.