I think it is about time I did another blog. A couple of weeks ago I saw a consultant who said that I was doing well and that 18 months is the target time for repair of the mylene sheaf covering the damaged nerves. At the rate of 1 millimetre a day which is only 0.0032808 ft this is painfully slow but there is nothing that can be done to speed up the process. I am learning to live with my hands and mouth in a permanently uncomfortable state and am counting the days to Christmas which will be 18 months since GBS started in the hope that by then things will be much better. The big question is, if all is not normal by then, does it mean that’s it, or does one continuously improve after 18 months?

We are busy with an extension to the kitchen with completely new units which will be fab when all finished and I can sit there and cook and watch TV. Again as my hands are so weak the Christmas deadline is even more important from a cooking perspective.

We have also been meeting up with fellow caravanners who have not seen me since I got GBS but they have been kept informed via my blog. I think they were surprised that I have not changed too much except for my mouth and difficulty in eating anything solid, and that I can walk, albeit only a very short distance. My main blessing is that I can talk reasonably well and laugh and enjoy the company of so many old friends. This month I am meeting up with three of my oldest friends, one I have known since childhood, another who now lives in Australia and the third I met whilst working in Paris in the 1960’s. I will have to brush up on my French but I will enjoy that.

So that is more about us and less about GBS which means I must be getting better,  but its ever so slow!