A visit to a maxillofacial consultant today. Seven months after the start of GBS, he confirmed the severity of the damage to Jennie’s lower brainstem which is the control centre for her cranial nerves 7-12. And informed her that she has a new syndrome called Bulbar Palsy.  The symptoms in Jennie’s case include trouble eating, speaking, swallowing, erratic saliva production, using the tongue and lower lip facial expression. She is also prone to choking on chocolate
and is still on a mashed pureed diet.

The good news is that like GBS, nature should in time restore the cranial nerves and strengthen the muscles in her head, indeed if you look closely you can see several indentations where the muscles have wasted away!

The bad news is that like the nerves in the fingertips, the cranial nerves are usually the last to regenerate so we are told there is still a long way to go before Jennie can enjoy a life of independency.