Jennie writes

After a long blog break, things have moved quickly. A real treat this weekend as the Hospital has let me go home on the basis that I return in time for tea on Sunday. What is even better is that I will be discharged from Rehab on Monday. All mobility aids have been delivered to the new house my husband bought while I was in hospital.

Luckily I am quite happy with our new home. My mobility is improving with the aid of a Zimmer frame but my hands only just about grasp a teaspoon to feed myself. My swallow, jaw action and speech normality have still a long way to go before I am able to eat and speak as before. The treatment I received at the hospital was first class, the physios working me hard to get me mobile. I now need action on my upper limbs and help with my grip and shoulders. After almost 6 months of minimal dental hygiene, I fear a spate of tooth extractions, although hopefully the current course of antibiotics will cure the underlying infection. This is one aspect of GBS which is not covered in the text books…