Jennie’s progress in Rehab is now being monitored via a modification of the Barthel Index. The Barthel Index consists of 10 items that measure a person’s daily functioning, specifically the activities of daily living and mobility. The items include feeding, moving from wheelchair to bed and return, grooming, transferring to and from a toilet, bathing, walking on a level surface, going up and down stairs, dressing, and finally continence of bowels and bladder.

The higher the score the more “independent” the person, a score of 20 being the target score. Independence means that the patient needs no assistance at any part of the task. Having started at zero 8 weeks ago when Jennie was totally dependent on the nurses for all these functions, she is now scoring 6 which is giving her lots of encouragement. With less than 30 days before her forecast discharge date, the magic 20 score seems a long way away. Everyone at the hospital is doing what they can, especially in terms of nursing care, physio and OT to make this happen by the due date.

The staff are just fantastic as is Jennie.