It’s like a baby becoming a child.  The parents don’t see the change as the child grows older.  The change is gradual, imperceptible but real all the same.  The grandparents see it.  A lot changes in two weeks, a month since the last visit.  A little more steady on the feet, a few more words. Change.

It’s the same with Jennie.  Two weeks ago she saw her grandchildren, she couldn’t reach out to them, hold their hands.  Her hand would drop to her lap and she would need help to get it back to the arm rest.  Two weeks later and she can extend her right arm.  It can move down, she can raise it up.  She doesn’t see it but she is making amazing progress.  She really is getting better.

A month ago the discharge date of the beginning of December seemed like a pipe dream.  Now it is looking realistic.  She’s got her goals set and shes meeting them.  On friday she was standing.  Yesterday she could extend her legs up and out.  The left arm is still a little slow and the fine finger movement isn’t there, but change is certainly in the air.  GBS- Getting Better Slowly.