Whilst the swallow is beginning to come back, Jennie is still being fed liquids through a tube directly into a stomach (to avoid the risk of aspiration pneumonia the tube is still considered an essential for fluid/ medicine intake).  Yesterday the tube fell out.  It was kept within the stomach by a balloon which appeared to have burst and without this in place Jennie could not receive liquids. Fortunately the nurses were able to replace it with a catheter which kept the hole intact.

Usually Gastric tubes have a life span of about six months but not this one, so yesterday Jennie was ambulanced to the General Hospital for its replacement through the existing passage without an additional endoscopic procedure. This lasted just a few minutes and Jennie was safely returned to Rehab.

Apart from this bit of excitement very little is happening on the movement front but Jennie is perervering with her physio and elocution practice and happy that some progress is being made. However she can’t wait to get off the pureed food.