‘I am dictating this to my husband sitting in the sunshine by a pond at my new home in a very comfortable wheelchair. I was lifted onto it by the hoist over my bed. It is nice to have my own room and to have some privacy but I do miss the attention of the wonderful nursing staff and doctors at the Neuro Hospital.

It is great to breathe fresh air again but annoyed that I still have to be accompanied wherever I go by my mobile food dispenser as I failed the swallow test again. This time it was fudge yoghurt. I can’t wait for a tin of peaches I would like to eat sitting by a pool in the Carribean!

I would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who has sent messages of goodwill, prayers, cards and has visited me. All these have kept me going during this awful experience. Next week they hope to be able to give me a target discharge date. This year or next year I wonder!’