In the beginning we were in a world of unknown.  There were big fears, serious conversations with doctors; we were crossing the chasm of uncertainty.  We’re now the other side and Jennie has come to live with the monotonous landscape of GBS.  Ups and downs.  Some days good, some days bad.

Yesterday was particularly bad. She had an upset stomach giving her great discomfort and preventing any physical therapy.  This is both a break from the bed, but more importantly keeps inactive muscles healthy and decrease the risks of developing other problems due to immobility.

But that was yesterday.  The milkshake diet fed through her nose was changed and the discomfort passed.  Physio was possible again.

Jennie has now accepted that constant physio treatment is extremely important in order to increase the chance of a full recovery. Today was one such day with a rigorous workout in the morning (well it was for Jennie!) followed by a visit from her good friend Margaret who Jennie was delighted to see. But there was more to it than that.

This visit was different.  For a change Jennie was not flat on her back in bed.  She was not being looked down upon as a sick patient, gazing up at her visitor. She was in a wheelchair, sitting up, eye contact on the same level.  She was bright and chatty, the Jennie we all know and love. Let there be many more days like this. Shortly after Margaret left she asked to return to bed and promptly fell asleep. Totally exhausted.