Jennie’s condition has now stabilised and she has resigned herself to a life of inactivity, nurse dependency, interrupted sleep and occasional pain and discomfort especially in her mouth.

Her voice is improving but is still not strong enough for the speech/ throat therapist to allow her to swallow fluids. She looks well despite all this and whilst the paralysis shows little sign of discernible improvement, the Doctors believe nature has started on the repair of the mylene sheath on her nerves.  As always this is followed by the reminder that recovery will take time. They believe her inability to get a good nights sleep is a major factor here, but she is still complaining about bad dreams and hallucinations. Our role as visitors is to give her maximum encouragement to eliminate any negative thoughts and anxious state of mind.

Having said all this, lots of physio, a high energy feed (still through the tube in her nose) and exceptional nursing are giving her hope and we look forward to lots of small milsestones on the way to full recovery from this awful condition.