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Jennie has lost one and a half stone in five weeks.  Lots of lying on the back and liquid diet up the nose.  There are better ways of loosing weight.


Five weeks on her back staring at the ceiling, no idea what is going on around her.  Bad dreams creeping up, the nights are the worst.  But let’s focus on the positive.  Yesterday was another milestone day,Jennie was lifted out of the bed and sat in a multi-gym wheel chair for an hour.  Happiness abound.  A champagne moment?  Since all this began we’ve talked about cracking open the bubbly to celebrate something, but the nature of GBS is that recovery is so slow and gradual, that real celebratory moment has yet to come.  Maybe when she can swallow and the oxygen mask is removed we can smuggle in a hip flask of fizzy…  But she’d settle for a cup of tea I’m sure.

Progress is real though.  She is talking, and whilst her voice is not her own (a bit squeaky) she can communicate with us and tell us what she feels.  The physiotherapy is starting in earnest.  With the muscles being pretty inactive for the past five weeks there’s a lot of rebuilding and re-learning to do.  There’s talk of her going to the gym later in the week for walking tests.  Unlike most GBS patients it hasn’t affected her feet that badly.  There’s no movement in her arms, but strength seems to be returning to her right arm.

We are now talking about goals.  The doctors won’t commit to dates but we’ve got a vision of her being home for Christmas.


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