Jennie is still living with the uncomfortable oxygen mask on as her diaphragm, chest and neck muscles remain very weak. She is still being fed intavenously but somehow managed to dislodge the feeding tube out of her nose overnight. After numerous attempts this has been reinserted and an XRay of her stomach today has shown that it is nicely in place. Ater 24 hours she is being fed again!

She says she is desparate for a cup of tea but she is likely to be NIL by mouth for some time as the myelin sheath surrounding the Axon central core of her nerves which were so dramatically destroyed by her rogue anti bodies will take some time to repair.

As a rough guide we are told this should be at the rate of 1mm per day which in old money equates to only 1.18ins per month. Must measure the length of her arm! Hope the Neuro Doctor is right when he said that with all the physio she is receiving, we should see some improvement in her movement in 100 days…