Each visit now brings the joy of seeing Jennie edge towards recovery, albeit painfully slowly. Today she was able to utter her first words, at least those I could understand, ‘I miss you’.

This has brought home her need for relief from the boredom of looking at a ceiling and ICU machinery all day long which is only interupted by the attention of the nurses,who continue to be excellent and our visits which represent only a fraction of her beleaguered day.

We have now set in motion a programme of visits from friends who we know will give Jennie the encouragement and support for the brave battle she is fighting against GBS. Next week should see the results of a recent Electromyogram (EMG) Nerve Conduction Test, need for a another IVIG treatment (unlikely in the short term), and sputum analysis for a course of antibiotics to clear her chest which is the main reason why she is still in intensive care.