We are told the IVIG appears to be working so much so that they have decided to reduce Jennies’s reliance on the ventilator to the minimum; at least for a short time to see how she goes. This means that Jennie will be breathing virtually unaided. Needless to say she is being closely monitored. The Consultant today was saying that he is so pleased with her progress that he is hopeful that he will not have to do the tracheotomy.

In his words ‘if in the event she would only need the trachie for a couple of weeks, then we will keep the pipe in for a few more days and see how she progresses’.

She is happier in herself and asked to watch some TV this morning before nodding off.
The disappointing news is that no way will she be able to go on the holidays booked for September and October. Lets hope the Insurance company has heard of GBS….