Movement. A slight finger wiggle. Less reliance on the ventilator. Less drugs, greater alertness. Time to move out of the General ICU to the Neurology High Dependency Unit.

Frustration.  Frustrating waiting for Jennie to be transferred to the Unit.  It was promised for 10.30 but nothing happened until 4.00pm.

Frustration of waiting for a few hours? This is nothing compared to the frustration that Jennie must be suffering now that she is fully with it.  Her mind is alert and active yet she is unable to turn or move without assistance and the ventilator pipes cause constant aggravation. Her inability to communicate is reflected in her facial expression, the rolling of her eyes and the odd tear. So sad to see her like this.

We’d expected the tracheotomy to be performed yesterday.  Get those tubes out of her mouth and throat.  But the decision has been delayed.  Good, because she is taking control of her breathing and may not need assisted ventilation for much longer.  But bad because they must be driving her mad.  How would you like a pipe down your windpipe? The decision on the trachie and removal of these pipes can’t come soon enough.