Today we had the good news that the IVIG was beginning to take affect inasmuch as Jennie can now move a little finger and be less reliant on the ventilator. She is showing signs of constant discomfort with all the tubes down her throat and being fed through her nose. This means that the tracheotomy planned for today has been postponed in the hope that by the end of the week she will be able to breathe on her own but possibly still need some mechanical assistance.

I can now hold her hand properly as many of the interfering tubes and lines have been removed. She is also a little more with it and asked to see photos of our grandchildren through the alphabet abacus.

She may now be returned to the Neurological Neurosciences High Dependency Unit where she started. From what we have read its best not to pin too much hope on these developments but the IVIG, Jennie’s sheer grit and determination her co-operation with the medical staff and everyones good wishes and prayers, all seem to moving her condition in a positive direction.