Following confirmation from a lumbar puncture that beyond any doubt Jennie is suffering from GBS, she has now been moved from the Neurological High Dependency Unit to the General Intensive Care Unit who have the expertise to monitor the progression of the illness. Already they have put her on an air bed to negate the possibility of bed sores and make her more comfortable. The nurses are fantastic as they monitor all Jennies readings constantly, and take swift action say when her blood pressure falls dangerously low.

We are desperately trying to find out exactly when Jennie will respond to the intravenous immunoglobulin IVIG treatment. The last dose happened last night. IVIG is a cocktail of ‘good antibodies’ sent in to fight off the ‘bad antibodies’ which are attacking the nerves. No one has an answer. It will take some time they say. Just as well I have bought a season ticket for the Hospital Car Park.